Tips for Choosing a Good Android Smartphone and Quality

Android Smartphone is a smart phone that can follow and obey what we want every day. Many Indonesian people who would drift sophisticated android smartphone which comes with features that are interesting and varied. Many smartphone manufacturers that offer or sell their products at a price relatively cheaper as EverCross, Smartfreen Andromax, Lenovo, Advan, Toshiba, Acer, Oppo and other android smartphone products.

Tips for Choosing Android Smartphone

Hasil gambar untuk Tips memilih hp berkualitas

Cheap does not mean cheap? This feature is not lost with the mobile smartphone that has a more expensive price as Samsung or Iphone. Starting from the body design, camera, RAM, processor, and features that are inside it looks very tempting to buy that kind of smartphone. However, we as an ordinary mobile phone users would still confused as to what a good android phone, what is only seen from its body alone or views of the existing hardware features of the android mobile.

Overcome this, let’s look at some simple tips for choosing a smartphone or tablet Nice android and quality. Following the tips.

Tips for Choosing a Good Android HP and Quality
1. CPU and RAM

CPU or Central Processsing Unit, you probably know this intilah exist on a computer or laptop, but is actually a smartphone or tablet android also has a CPU. Why is that? Because of android smartphones as well as laptops, the difference is only small and large. Smartphones also use the operating system and the computer also using the operating system. To choose a good CPU hardware (for Smartphone) usually Dual-Core CPU.

RAM or Random Access Memory is an essential hardware that you must take after selecting a CPU. Open apps, play games, edit the content, write messages, and other activities also need hardware RAM. Slow or not an android smartphone android usually caused by a small RAM. A good amount of RAM smartphones usually above 1 GB.

2. GPU

GPU or (General Processing Unit) is the hardware that plays an important role in HD and 3D quality games. GPU is not Rub Massage Sort, but a graphics card that is of concern to the gamers to choose the hardware specs android smartphone. the higher the magnitude of the value the better the GPU graphical view of the game. Not only the game, but when you watch the video with HD quality will also be clearly visible and very detail if the graphics card does have excellent specifications.
3. Display Screen

Display Screen android must also be taken into consideration when want to buy a new smartphone. Starting from the screen size, screen resolution, and sensitivity of the screen. Great display technology to present a minimum must be of type IPS (in-Plane Switches) with 16 million color combinations. Also, choose a screen that has multitouch support. What is Multitouch? Multitouch is a smartphone display technology that can respond to touch with two or more fingers, a feature like this will make it easier for you to operate your android smartphone.

For the screen size, you should choose according to your needs. If viewed directly indeed the big screen is much better than the small screen, but you should know that the smartphone with the big screen certainly feels more difficult to operate because they have to use two hands. So you should choose the screen size that suits your needs and is very easy to put into the bag. Not so big and not so small.

4. Quality Camera

By choosing android smartphone with a good camera quality will certainly produce beautiful images and impressive shots. To choose a camera rear camera with a minimum size of 5 MP complete with Flash. As for the front camera choose a camera with a minimum size of 1.5 or 3 MP. If you are a woman who likes to take pictures selfie ria may need a front camera that is equipped with Flash to produce shots more leverage than others.

5. Capacity Battery

Choosing android smartphone battery with a large capacity would make the smartphone can last longer. To choose a smartphone with a battery capacity of at least 2000 mAh, and if you love to play games and often choose a smartphone with minimal battery capacity of 3000 mAh.

6. Network and Connectivity

For network problems, may all smartphones already have at least 3G or HSDPA networks. And if you have more money, you can choose a smartphone with the latest network Indonesia, 4G LTE. To konektifitasnya must already supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USBport, and Headset.

7. Mobile Brand

All kinds of android smartphones circulating in Indonesia I think everyone already knows, like Oppo, Smartfreen Andromax, Lenovo, Asus, Xiomi, Acer, Samsung, HTC and other Android smartphone. We recommend that you choose a smartphone that is more to your liking and fit for your pocket. Pililah smartphone to fit your needs, not so cheap and not so expensive.

Basically, humans want to choose the best smartphone with features that are reliable and fast. But it could have been damage to another time and day. Smartphones are arguably smartphone, but without their users, smartphones are not intelligent products. So if reversed, we’re the smart is not the smartphone. Advice from me, choose a smartphone or tablet android that fit our needs everyday. In addition, smartphone prices should also be taken into consideration, so that you do not run out of money only because buying a smartphone.

Similarly, simple tips on c fig choosing a smartphone or tablet android good and quality. Hopefully with these tips you can choose the best smartphone to your liking. If this article looks nice and attractive, scatter through social media. Thanks and see you on the other occasion more beautiful.


Sacrifice in terms of jurisprudence was Udhiyyah (الأضحية) which means that animals slaughtered Duha time, ie the time when the sun rises. In terms of jurisprudence, udhiyyah is animal slaughter which consists camels, cows, goats on Eid al-Adha and the days tasriq to draw closer to God. The Sacrifice means to draw closer to God, then that word is also sometimes used to refer udhiyyah.

A sacrifice to the gods is the belief Jual Sapi Qurban that humans are known since long. In the story of Habil and Qabil cited al-Qur’an mentioned Qurtubi reported that twin girls who were born with the latter named Iqlimiya very beautiful, while the female twin brother named Abel Layudza not so pretty. In the teachings of the prophet Adam recommended women get married siblings sister lak men of other tongues. So I feel envy at the heart of Cain against Abel, until he refused to do the wedding and hopes to marry his beautiful twin sister. Then they agreed to offer sacrifice to God, who received Qurbani that is what will take his opinion and he is right in the sight of Allah. Cain offered a bundle of fruit and Abel offered a sheep, then God accepted the sacrifice of Abel.

Sacrifice is also known by the Jews to prove the truth of a Prophet sent to them, so the tradition was abolished through the words of the prophet Isa bin Maryam. Religious traditions in the history of human civilization as diverse as the offerings to God, such as the slaughter of animals to humans. Perhaps the story of the prophet Abraham was ordered to sacrifice his son was one of those traditions.

Narrated in the Qur’an:

37. 102. When the boy reached (the age could) tried together Ibrahim, Ibrahim said: “O my son! I see in a dream that I must sacrifice. So look what you think! “He said:” O my father, do what you are commanded;God willing you will find me among those who wait “.

103. 37. So when they both submitted and he laid his son on the forehead (it), (obviously patience both).

37. 104. And We called out to him: “O Abraham!

105. 37. Indeed, you have fulfilled the dream surely thus do We reward those who do good.

The meaning of “justify dream” is to believe that the dream was from God and must per- him.

106. 37. Indeed, this is really a real exam.

37. 107. And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice.

After the real patience and obedience of Abraham and Ishmael, God forbid slaughter Ismail and to resume sacrifice, God replaced him with a momentous sacrifice (lamb).


The benefits of garlic is very powerful to overcome the disease 2

This herb was discovered by Russian Professor Hristo Mermerski, which is said by the news, already treating thousands of cancer patients. The combination made from garlic can cleanse the blood vessels, increase endurance and protect heart health.
The benefits of garlic is very powerful to overcome the disease
Besides this herb can also improve brain performance and memory. Protecting coronary heart disease and stroke. Now you want to know how, see below
Ingredients you need to prepare: “12 cloves of fresh garlic and already cleaned ” 15 pieces of fresh lemon BIO “1kg Natural honey ” young green wheat 400g “400g fresh Walnuts


The first step: “The young green wheat Pour into a container, then mix with water.Allow to settle for 10-12 hours. “After that, Strain with a soft cloth and clean. ” Once filtered, please dry the grain in the container for 24 hours. (Drying is done, you will get the grain with a size of 1-2 millimeters.
Step two: “Milled grain + walnuts + garlic + 5 lemons (with the skin) until smooth. ” Squeeze 10 lemons and strain “After all you do, mix the ground to above the juice of 10 lemons earlier in the container ” Add honey and stir until evenly “after all your mix and stir until smooth, please let stand in the refrigerator for three days. ” So after passing three days. Please you consume 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.


Note: For the treatment of cancer, here you have to take it every 2 hours. Both before and after meals.
These recipes are believed by Professor Mermerski that anyone who consume it can help a longer healthy life. cure cancer, protect the freshness, youthfulness and added strength.
Besides the doctors also agree with this powerful herb, because this herb contains all the content of such vitamins in the body need, bioactive substances, mineral salts, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
This herb is also regarded as revolutionary for the cancer completely overcome the disease. Hemm … amazing is not it, you want to try it at home. Hope this info helps you.

The benefits of garlic for lowering high blood pressure

According to sources WebMD , facts about the benefits of garlic has been tested by researchers. Eating garlic can reduce high blood pressure of about 7-8%.

Additionally garlic is believed to lower blood pressure in normal people. should be wary if under normal circumstances well. Do not eat too much garlic, if you do not want exposed to the blood.
The benefits of garlic for beauty skin

In addition to providing sound effects for the body, the garlic turns can be utilized for skin care such as:
1. Clear blackheads
2. Remove scars
3. Treating acne.
Now to see how this brought

To get rid of blackheads with garlic , It is very easy. You simply set up a clove of garlic and clean. After that you mash until smooth. Use evenly on the affected area of nose blackheads.

Review the game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 16 Konami

After yesterday we discussed the Review of the game FIFA 16 from EA Sports Papangame version, it feels incomplete if we did not leave the reviews about their rivals, Jual game pc namely PES 2016. And before we continue with this discussion, we want to convey that the value that we provide this we try to be objective and neutral viewpoint provided through our votes.

Okay, let’s get on with it … Pro Evolution Soccer or commonly abbreviated PES is a game genre Sport (football) released by Konami for 20 years from the first soccer game that they created.

There are 11 football stadiums in the game which include the Allianz Arena, Arena Corinthians, Beira-Rio, Juventus Stadium, Maracana, Mineirao, the Morumbi, Old Trafford, San Siro, Vila Belmiro, St. Jakob-Park and several other stadiums.

The special thing you need to know about PES 2016 is a game that won the Gamescom 2015 for 2 consecutive years terut.

This game presents an improvement in the situation “One on One” when a player stay berhadapa the goalkeeper, where players can now maneuver in a situation that is quite difficult. Besides artificial intelligence to players is also improved to be very effective to develop your own strategies in play.

Oh, yes … we almost forgot to say that this game also allows you to have full control over the celebration to celebrate the goal that you want to print to the opponent’s goal, to also improved weather nor the effects due to changes in weather. Just as the rain, the difficulty in controlling the ball will increase. It approached said Realistic !!

Do not get out of that increase, there will be new options Yag you can choose for a camera that allows you to look more broadly. not only be a football player, you can also become a manager in this game. As well as quite a lot of other improvements are offered for you to play.

With quite sad, Need we say that the animation for the PC version of the game is not as good as the PS4 and Xbox versions. But still better when compared to last year’s version of the game PES.

There are many things that we consider in delivering value to the game, and the score I give is 8.9 / 10, indeed extraordinary game closer to the perfect number. Regardless of the value that we gave above, all back to the decision and your tastes to enjoy and give value to a game.

Few of the Lima car rental Service

Looking for car rental services in Lima has never been as easy as it is today. You will be able to find a multitude of Lima car rentals that have a wide range of vehicles at different rates to offer to you whether you are heading there for a business trip or on vacation. Irrespective of the nature of your travel you will be able to find a ride that meets your requirements.

Few of the Lima car rental ServiceThe biggest convenience lies in the fact that you can conduct all the desired research from the comfort of your home through the internet. You will find many of the Lima car rental businesses to have fully functioning websites through which you can get to find out everything that you need to know.

These websites feature forms and search options that let you get an instant quote from the different car rental companies. By feeding in the required information, you will be able to get an estimate of what it would cost you to rent out a car for the specific period that you require in Lima. The car rental services have all sorts of vehicles to offer hence you can choose one that accommodates the number of passengers and the amount of luggage that you will be carrying.

Quite a few of the Lima car rentals will require you to have a credit card upon pick up. Of course, everybody knows that you need to have a valid drivers license to be able to rent out a car anywhere in the world, but Lima has some of its own regulations, the availability of a credit card is one of them. You should, however, check to see what kinds of payments each company accepts and go through their rental policy as well.

Depending on some factors rates can vary rapidly in Lima. The particular season during which you will be traveling is one of the things that contribute to fluctuating rates. One way in which you can secure exceptionally, low rates is making an early booking. This way you will be able to avoid last minute booking rate increases.

Road Trip Vacation

Did someone say road trip? How exciting! There is nothing more fun than getting out on the open highway and driving with your hair blowing in the wind for a road adventure. Road trip vacation planning, however, is a must lest you get caught off guard unprepared

Road Trip VacationObviously, the first part of your planning requires that your vehicle’s mechanics be in tip-top shape considering this will be your form of transportation for the duration of your trip. Take your car to your local garage for a thorough going over to make sure of its reliability factor. Make sure that you have important documents and that they are up-to-date. This would include your license, registration, and car inspection. Once that is straightened out, pack your car with the essentials of an emergency quick fix just in case something goes wrong in your travels. Bring along the basics like a spare tire, your tools, and something to repair any broken hoses. You will also want to pack your car with some food, water, blankets, and a first-aid kit.

Road trip vacation planning should not leave you out in the cold and stranded in the middle of nowhere. Map out your trip and be sure that you have a good navigator such as your traveling partner. This will make the ride easier knowing that you do not have to look at the map every 10 minutes to make sure that you are headed in the right direction. Set aside some spare change in your vehicle for toll charges so that you are not digging through your pockets.

Plan areas along your route to stop at, such as hotels, bathroom stops, and restaurants, just in case you need to stop and rest. Do not try to push yourself unsafely just to reach your next stop. If you are tired, pull over and rest. This is your vacation, not a race. Enjoy yourself.

Last but not least on your road trip vacation planning agenda is what to bring. Packing for your trip will require that you know what kind of weather you will be vacationing in. Will you travel through several areas where the temperature is subject to changes? What you wore when you left home just may have you baking like a French fry by the time you arrive at your final destination. Bring along a variety of clothes, sunscreen, any medications, and of course, your camera.

Tips on Getting Your PC to Speed Up

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Nothing is more baffling than having moderate PC issues. It doesn’t make a difference if your PC is fresh out of the box new or quite a while old, they can have issues with stacking pages, raising a site, or notwithstanding interfacing with the web. Luckily there are some basic answers for accelerating your PC, and you don’t need to be a PC virtuoso either. All you need is time and persistence since it might one be able to of a few things that could be the issue.

Utilize these moderate PC answers for velocity up your PC.

• Detecting an infection while downloading things from the web you have to keep an eye on spyware and malware on the grounds that when you download records from the web you can likewise unintentionally download an infection. In the event that you have a great deal of infections in your PC’s cerebrum it could make you have moderate PC issues  Harga Asus Zenfone 3 Max. The arrangement is to introduce great antivirus programming and run it to get the majority of the malware out of your PC. You ought to likewise just download from trustworthy sites if conceivable and stay up with the latest. Have it run each day on end you won’t utilize the PC to check for malware and whatever other infections.

• Limited space-while downloading things from the web the vast majority will store it on the hard drive. In the event that there is an excessive amount of stuff on the hard drive it will back your PC off. Erase any product programs, excitement media records, and recreations that you no more utilize and are simply consuming room on your hard drive. When this is done your PC will be quicker.

• Get free of brief documents there is by and large a great deal of undesirable stuff that is put away in your reserve memory so make it a propensity to erase the greater part of the transitory records, history of sites you went by, and treats in any event once like clockwork. These pointless records can take up a considerable measure of space on your PC. To utilize these moderate PC arrangements go to your Start Menu and select run. In the case there sort (%temp%). This will demonstrate to all of you of your transitory documents. You can choose and erase what you need.

• Repair your windows registry-roughly ninety percent of all moderate PC issues are a direct result of window registry mistakes. Here there is a reputation of the greater part of the product found in your PC. With your continuous downloading individuals tend to contribute numerous product passages that are undesirable bringing about a moderate PC. You can build your PC’s execution by utilizing a registry cleaning program.

Keep Your PC Running Perfectly

unduhan (58)Performing routine support on a PC can avoid infections, and dispose of unsafe treats that are put away in your PC. These things can provide for a slower running PC with not as much as immaculate execution.

Take out Old Files

At the point when a significant number of documents is taking up the lion’s share of records in a PC, it can bring about the PC to run slower over all. It will take more time to fire up essential word programs, load website pages, etc. Numerous free email administrations offer space to spare archives and pictures, or these records can be put away on a blaze drive to free up space on your PC. Numerous shoppers see an enhanced execution in the wake of clearing out their PC.

Dispose of Malware  Harga Motor

Malware is like an infection, yet it can bring about an expansion of harm to PCs. For instance, malware can taint a PC and after that make the cooling framework quit working, bringing about a PC that is overheated. After this, the PC’s hard drive will no more work. The main arrangement is for the most part to purchase another PC.

Rather than managing this bother, download a free program that is intended to explicitly dispose of malware. Once the malware on a PC has been dispensed with, numerous clients see an expansion in velocity and a brighter picture.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning a PC ought to be a part of each individuals week by week tidying schedule. PCs can gather a touch of dust on the screen, consoles and, for work area top PCs, on the hard drive. When this dust advances within a PC, it can have a lamentable effect. Dust is additionally a standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons for PCs overheating.

Fan Filters

Particular items can cut clean that can possibly make it into the internal parts of a PC’s equipment. An assortment of 120 mm fan channels are accessible for PC proprietors to buy. The size does not need to be 120 mm, as the size may change contingent upon the PC. It is imperative to contact an expert for help with their item if the PC proprietor is uncertain of whether a 120 mm, 80 mm or other size would be ideal.

These keep dust from continually getting within PCs in any case, taking out the danger of harm brought on by dust, and are accessible in various sizes. On the off chance that a PC does not have in interior fan, a channel of around 120 mm will normally fit inside the grille of the PC, and fills the same need.

Gradual Computer Fixing Techniques Intended for Non-Techies

images (80)A new computer is fast, smooth and performs actions within secs. However, as the time goes, it turns just the opposite and starts off working slowly. As a result, programs take several hours to respond and once they do, they run too slowly. So, getting back again the magic of a fast PC? Check away some cool alternatives below.

Tips to help a slow running computer

you. Reboot: Try turning the system on / off again. Restart the pc fixes the difficulties of a slow computer. Though results are not assured, still you can consider offering it a try.

2. Check for malware and viruses: Scanning the computer for malware and infections is a very good step. This is because malware occupies the recollection; thereby, making the system slow. Other harmful activities possible are corrupting applications, wiping critical files and creating real damage over time. Check if the PC runs on automatically scheduled antivirus scan.

3. Look into the hard drive: Whilst checking out the hard drive, if you find simply a few megabytes of storage place kept or repetitive warnings about running out of drive space, it’s time for some action. Empty the recycle bin, uninstall worthless programs and delete temperature files.

4. Examine the working software: One of the most significant reasons lurking behind a computer running slower is the fact it can be loaded with bloat ware applications from third-party sellers. These are the programs working in the backdrop and are useless eating out the system resources. In such condition, check the startup menu and uninstall the program you avoid require.

5. Add more memory: This is a superior way to fix a gradual computer. However, this is a period taking process and expensive as well. In the event you are not well-versed with technical knowledge, it can good to visit the pros. As PC is a fragile device, don’t try applying useless efforts, as it will break the system entirely.

6. Defrag the drive: Excessive use brings about fragmentation of hard drive bringing about a system that runs slow. To fix this bug, run defrag overnight in order to completely clean up the drive. Make sure stay away from the system for a few hours.

7. Get AMERICA ONLINE computer checkup: If every attempt fails, it is good to go for AOL computer checkup. This kind of will likely speed up the slow machine, clean up the unwanted data, automates disk defrag and optimizes the system’s performance.

Solid Advice A Smooth Pregnancy

Pregnancy is really a frightening here we are at many. It is stuffed with pleasure and happiness, but it is also very nerve racking when you are unsure for the future. Then, for that mother, you will find alterations in the body’s hormones and the body which may be hard to navigate. As well as the medical selections for parents. This information will provide you with some tips about how to cope with everything.

Don’t stop utilizing a seatbelt inside your vehicle while driving or riding like a passenger. The risk for your baby in the seatbelt is a lot under the risk of your stuff being loose within the vehicle in case of an accident. Make certain the belt is really as have less your sides as you possibly can, ideally underneath your belly.

Healthyliving from Nature

You can start going for a prenatal vitamin now. Going for a prenatal vitamin is ideal for your wellbeing. Prenatal vitamins will also help you newborn baby. They are ideal for a variety of reasons as well as your physician will help you discover which is the greatest while trying to get pregnant

Be careful about your weight even if you are pregnant. Should you drink too much weight, it may be tough removing it later. This may lead to real health problems lower the road. You just gain around 20-30 lbs while pregnant.

Keep working out. Particularly in individuals first couple of several weeks when you might not feel so excellent, it’s much more vital that you discipline you to ultimately remaining active. Take a stroll each morning or even the evening. Perform some lightweight lifting. This can help you stay body well toned while pregnant making slimming down following the birth much simpler.

Sleeping will end up tougher for you while pregnant. Throughout the third trimester, sleep in your left side, this provides you with the very best bloodstream flow for your fetus, uterus and renal system. Remember, to not lay lying on your back.

Avoid drive alone throughout the later stages of the pregnancy, just just in case you had been to enter labor. Being alone inside your vehicle whenever you water breaks often means you’ll be yourself whenever you deliver. This might cause your child to become born incorrectly and may cause health issues for you personally.

Simply take eventually at any given time! Remember existence is filled with uncertainties. But, exactly what a delight to possess a baby you are able to call your personal! Have faith! You may be effective regardless of all the changes you need to travel through. Have a couple of minutes to actually consider the above mentioned advice. Apply what’s going to be advantageous to your family. Congratulations in your child!